Summer Gong Camp with Don Conreaux

Exploring Gong Creativity through Mathematics and BeyondSign up
as taught by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux

July 8-14 in Heidal, Norway

We’re truly delighted to welcome you to our very first Gong Master Training Camp in the Majestic Mountains of Norway; a beautiful Gong Gathering for both new learners and experienced Gong players.
We are welcoming Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux who is co-teaching with his daughter Gong Master Journeywoman Yaelle Shaphir. This workshop is the first of its kind. Not only is it the first time that Don and Yaelle are teaching in Europe following the 2 year lockdown, but it is the introduction of the European Tour 2022 where we will have the opportunity to learn and play accordingly to the irrational fractions from Dons newest book.
Who is this course for?
For new Gongplayers, this training in playing by numbers is a fantastic opportunity to begin their gong journey by diving deep into the art and science of the Gong. Together with Don you will take your first steps into developing your own sound healing practice and building a worldwide Gong family Community.
Advanced students of the gong, sound healing practitioners and teachers of other modalities will gain knowledge and experience to develop their own practice, personal and professional aspirations, and spiritual growth.


Don says about the teachings

“In childhood, we might remember experiencing the beginner’s process of drawing or coloring by the numbers. Now in our adulthood, we can again use this beginner’s mind approach of Gong playing but in a more advanced state of playing by the numbers.”

“We are upgrading our prefrontal cerebral cortex in this “9.0” fashion. We upgrade our primate/limbic brain for “quantum experiencing” in this process of Gong shifting our focus and consciousness”


“The Omega State of Advanced Playing” is discovered by the playing by the numbers using the Enneagram template to transform the Gong face into the Enneaphone. Using the numbers 1–9/0, is another step to a new next level”
Co-teachers are:
Gong Master Journeywoman Tina Maria Stahl
Rinske Frederiks (Harnadh Kaur), co-owner of Rognstad Mountain Retreat Center


The Gong Summer Camp Includes

?Early morning MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance (Muscle, Emotion & Meridian)
?Gong playing techniques incl. different strokes and the use of all types of mallets
?Lectures on Advanced Gong Mastery philosophy
?Gong Garden project
?A selection of the finest High Quality Gongs for your personal practice
?Revelation of the newest 60” Gongland Gong by Gong Master Builder Rolf Nitsch
?Learning how to give a Gongbath
? Experiencing a ceremonial all night long Gong Puja on full moon July 13th
?Personal time to Practice on the Gongs in your free time
?Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Wholefood meals
? Full access to the Sauna and Hot tub
?Certificate of Participation
Direct access to online “program #9” for participants to go over the material prior to the Gong Summer Camp ??
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ROLF NITSCH Master Gong Maker, and CEO of Gongland will lecture and answer questions on the art and craft of Gong Making.
Rolf will be joining us for 2 days, presenting his magnificent Gongland Gongs. Rolf will give a lecture and answer questions on the art and craft of Gong Making.
Rolf is bringing Big Gongs to the Summer Gong Camp ? for example a 60” Dusk Gong for us to listen to and play – in addition to that a completely new Gong will be revealed. A true Gongland Surprise – the newest creation that not even Don have seen yet.
Rolf is one of the most experienced Gong makers in Europe today. He made Gongs for Paiste for more than 20 years before starting his own production line.
It will be possible to purchase Gongs and receive a discount if you are participating in the Summer Camp. Please note that European trading and tax regulations One -Stop – Shop 2021 will be maintained.

Photo: Tina Maria Stahl


Practicalities & Signing up

Feel welcome in Rognstad Mountain Retreat Centre, Heidalsvegen 2395 in Heidal. The farm is situated in a beautiful authentic valley with 6 National Parcs surrounding you: Jottunheimen, Breheimen, Reinheimen,  Rondane and Dovrefjell
– Arrival from July 8th, 18.00
– There will be served a light evening soup and you may settle in while laying down in a 45 minute Gongbath in the beautiful newly renovated Gong Space or walking in the beautiful natural surroundings landscape
– The training starts at 10.00 am July 9th and we’ll say goodbye on July 14, after dinner.
You are welcome to stay beyond the Gong Camp in our beautiful farmhouses or at our camping site. You can book extra nights for €40/night, incl. breakfast. Camping fee is €20/night,
The Early Bird fee for participation for all 6 days is €1.300 when booking prior to June 5th 2022 – after this date the fee is €1.500
The tuition includes all meals and overnight accommodation in a shared 2-4 person bedroom.
• Bring your own tent and get a €100 discount (free use of sanitary facilities)
• Nonresidential participants will get a €100 discount (lunch & dinner are included in your training)
Additional Activities
• Sunbathing, Swimming and Rafting / Kayaking in the Sjoa River – the greatest rafting river of Europe.
• Mindful walking through the Mountain trails of Jotunheimen, Rondane or Dovrefjell National Parks
• Hiking and exploring the natural habitat of Rognstad
• Discovering the unique culture and nature of Gudbrandsdalen Valley
Direct access to online “program #9” for participants to go over the material prior to the Gong Summer Camp ??
Nearest airport is Oslo Gardermoen. From the airport it is a wonderful 3 hour train journey to Vinstra. Look at the timetable and book your e-ticket at We offer a pick-up service from Vinstra train station for 20 euro’s one way (40 minutes by car) on July 8th at 19:15 and 21:20 hrs. Let us know what date and time you plan to arrive. Check for possibilities on other arrival times.
Sign up by sending an e-mail to or following the ticket link above.
Your spot is reserved after you transfer your training fee (incl discount or extra options) to the bank account of our Dutch Yoga company named Flow: NL04 INGB 0005334851  Bank name is ING. BIC code is: INGBNL2A .
Cancellation policy

You can cancel free of charge up to 4 weeks before the date of the training. You will then receive the participation fee back. In case of cancellation less than 4 weeks before the date of the activity, you will pay half of the amount. Unless someone from the waiting list can participate in your place. In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the training, you will pay the full amount. You can also have someone else join in your place. Cancellation can only be done in writing by e-mail to

We look forward to Gonging with You, Don & Yaelle in Norway ??
Loving kindness and greetings from Gong Master Journeywoman Tina Maria Stahl & Rinske Frederiks, co- owner of Rognstad Mountain Retreat Center
✨ 8th – 14th JULY 2022




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